Boysenberry Jelly
Boysenberry Jelly
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Boysenberry Jelly

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What are peanut butter makers doing messing around with berries? Making jam, that’s what – but we don’t call it jam because it hasn’t got enough sugar! What it has got though is boysenberries.

Boysenberries are grown by my mate Glen up the road; freshly crushed, cooked, and jarred. Like your grandmothers, but a tad less special. It’s smooth, seedless, and flavourful.

Grab yourself a jar of our new Boysenberry Jelly to partner with our PB. We are even so bold as to say this is the perfect match, of tart fruit, and fresh crunchy, nutty, peanut butter. It's Kiwiana on toast.

Storage: Once opened keep in the fridge